Welcome to Seeing The New.

If you’re here then I imagine you like to read. I do too. I like to read and although I’ve read a lot, my experience with the classics is somewhat lacking. And I don’t like it. Not at all.

We’re all familiar with Charles Dickens. Jane Austen. James Joyce. I could go on and in fact, I will. Ernest Hemingway. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. D.H Lawrence. These are just some of the names that have brought joy to the millions who have had the pleasure of reading their work. Now I’m familiar with them, in that I know who they are. Not what they’ve written. So I’m going to change that.

Seeing The New is primarily a blog about my journey through literature’s classics and how I find them. I’ll be uploading reviews of everything I read, as well as any others I think you might find interesting. I invite you to join me by reading with me, or offering your views on some of the greatest books ever written. I’ll also develop the site so it offers information about literary trails, poetry and bios of the authors we’re going to read from.

Let’s crack on…

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