The Best Way To Connect With People When Travelling

Seeing The New Top Tip

One of the many great things about travelling is the people you meet along the way.

Most are those you might never come across at home, and travelling is as much about meeting new people as it is experiencing new places, food etc. 

We take a lot away from meeting those from other cultures.

New ideas, new stories, new experiences.

It’s one of my favourite things about being away.

This blog is a top tip post.

Seeing The New top tip - take a football shirt with you when you travel.

Local people love it.

Whether it’s your local side or theirs, football’s a universal language and can be a bond between you and them. 

People will ask questions and if they know the jersey you’re wearing then you’ve already got a connection.

Even if you don't like football or know little about it - it's a great way to connect with someone new.

If you don’t own one before you go, buy the local/national shirt when you get to wherever you're going.

Become part of their culture. They’ll love it and it’s pretty cool too. 


Last year I was in Colombia whilst the 2018 World Cup was on which was pretty special.

First thing I did when I got into Bogota?

I bought a Colombia shirt. For 25,000 pesos. Which is about six quid - bargain!

And I wore it to death.

I’d get up early to watch the games (because of the time difference some games kicked off at seven in the morning) and sit outside at a bar with the locals to watch.

Most people enjoy the fact that you’re embracing where you are and that you are supporting their team. It shows a lot of respect. 

Colombians love their football too, so I felt lucky to be out there at that point.

It was a little different standing in a Colombian bar watching England knock them out in the quarter finals, however that’s a story for another time.

It's a solid souvenir I've added to my growing collection - one of those that I’ll keep forever. Top memories.


I've never regretted taking a jersey away with me and I've certainly enjoyed picking them up along the way.

Like 4-4-2, it's a tip that's been tried and tested. But it still works.

So if you get the chance, buy a football jersey for when you’re travelling.

Trust me!


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